Friday, 11 December 2015

Things I learned

Going swimming on a Friday night is a great way to spend your evening because a) the pool is totally empty and b) you're getting some well-needed exercise, relaxation, and thing-time while everyone else is out socialising and drinking alcohols. 

As time goes on I'm learning to make better choices and give myself what I need. I am realising more and more that I am introverted and that I need a lot of alone time, as well as autonomy over my personal space to keep it tidy and well-aired and bright. 

Since I know what I need, it's easier to give it to myself, and follow it by a lovely health home-cooked salmon udon dish and an episode of Broen. It's good to be alone sometimes, and to acknowledge the need for this alone-ness. 

It's good to know how to help yourself.

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