Monday, 28 January 2013

The Beginning of the End

It's finally here, our last week in London.

The digital luggage weigh-er has arrived,and basically all that's left to do is pack and then go!

Yesterday was a bit of a weird day, in the sense that it lasted for about 47 hours. In the morning we got up early after too-little sleep (working Saturday nights is something I do not enjoy) and met my friends Bob and Lydia at Workshop, a great coffee and food place in Clerkenwell. I had so much coffee I had the 'hovering above my body' feeling for a good 40 minutes after until it placed me back down on the ground and I felt a little tired. We saw this cool car on our decidedly spring-time walk after, there was a faded box of tissues and an old umbrella on the back window that looked like they had been there since the car was new.

I then had to go to work, where, three hours in, I got randomly bitten on the leg by a small dog. It bit through my jeans and made a horrible circular toothy mark that was bleeding, so I decided, after much deliberation, to do the right thing and get a tetanus shot. I got a taxi to Whitechapel Hospital and it was pretty cool to see London over ground, by car, for once.

After three hours waiting, no headphones, no phone signal, a lot of solitaire and a man 'as a meabhair' throwing obscenities at the ladies in the waiting room, I simply got a tetanus booster and a box of generic antibiotics (I won't take them but didn't say anything at the time so as to not kick up a fuss. We know how the NHS are). Probably needless, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, as I was standing around the entrance of the pub waiting to get in a taxi, who should appear for dinner but Prince Harry and a similarly balding, fair headed chum? Oh the excitement of it all.

Ok, I'm off to do stuff. Namely, weigh my luggage.


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