Friday, 25 January 2013

Attention All Pickpockets

I'm having a truly lazy Friday. This song is without a doubt one of my favourite Mountain Goats songs, but with a band like them, how can you have any less than 19 favourite songs? They're just amazing.

I'm also reading a lecture paper on welfare state politics that I found on this blog . He is a friend of my boyfriend's, and there's a lot you'll learn when you lurk your boyfriend's Facebook (we aren't friends on the auld FB, so I have a rummage around his page every now and then, no regrets). Welfare state politics, economics and social policies are my lifeblood.

I'm going to make some cooley (a little-used white fish) and ratatouille for dinner, then I'm going out, as the lady we live with has relatives coming over, and our bedroom has no heating in it.


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