Friday, 10 August 2018

Battle of the Boyne site

A couple of weeks ago we had to be in the area near to the Battle of the Boyne site, so we decided to stop in for a couple of hours. Anna's at the age where she loves running around in wide open spaces, so we knew it would be a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine.

Growing up in Meath, I really took for granted all of the beautiful countryside and historical sites surrounding me, and it's something I'm really growing to appreciate as an adult coming back to visit.

The grounds are beautifully maintained with a number of walks to do, a number of large fields to run in (very important), bees, historical information clearly displayed, a video playing about the history of the battle, a lovely cafe and an outdoor seating area with an old sleepy cat lounging. We were so lucky with the day that was in it, the lavender was all blooming and smelled amazing, the sun was shining and the bees were out in full force. A day to remember, as all days are when your little one is so engaged and lively.



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