Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hello, Autumn!

The days are starting to get shorter, the leaves are turning, there is a delightful crispness to the air-yes, autumn is finally here! What's more, today is officially the first day of Autumn: the Equinox. In the Celtic calendar it's LĂșnasa, the start of the harvest and an intake of breath before the great darkness descends. I can't get enough of this season. As one with pale skin and who is more comfortable in a good warm jumper than a tshirt, I always feel better when it's cold. I've got my new wool cardigan and polo neck ready to go!

Next week will mark the official beginning of the second year of my PhD. In some ways 'time is flying', but in general I feel incredibly happy, very busy, satisfied and sufficiently creative. I had the chance to host a workshop and documentary about resisting austerity in Copenhagen at the weekend, and that, along with fieldwork that is going swimmingly, has me feeling all sorts of good.

I'm excited for another reason too-Leo is joining me in Durham in just six days! It's five years this month since we first met, and one year since we have been separated, so it feels right that we are reunited in September, a time which for many represents the end of a cycle, but for me has always felt like the beginning of something fantastic (the start of the school year, the nature table, a new pencil case, new experiences, a new copybook).

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