Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Trip to Northern Norway

It's quite a few weeks since our trip to Norway, and it feels like a lifetime ago as I sit in my office in Durham drinking coffee from my thermos and writing about motherhood and austerity. Here is a recap from our trip to Northern Norway, mostly in pictures.

We flew Oslo-Bodø on a slightly delayed flight, which was just as well as we then arrived as the midnight sun was hovering around the horizon, and there were breathtaking views of the jagged rocks in the water and mountains on the skyline. We walked the short distance from the airport to the town centre in twilight, and had a few hours sleep before getting up to make the most of the free breakfast and endless filter coffee (Norway's filter coffee game is 10/10).

We travelled from Bodø to Sandhornøy in a ferry, and then took a bus to the beach Langsanden, where Salt is located. We camped on the beach for four nights, ate our packed lunch food, had waffles in the cafe in the morning, took a sauna and ran to the cool Atlantic to cool off (although the sauna was not very hot), lazed around on the beach, and generally had a superb time camping in a mostly-isolated place. 

We made friends with the Mayor of the local commune, who so kindly brought us to his house, gave us coffee, and BROUGHT US IN HIS LITTLE TWO SEATER AIRPLANE. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it makes sense to make friends with everyone you meet, because sometimes those people are absolutely lovely individuals who will go out of their way to share wonderful experiences with you.

We made our way back to Bodø and then on to Lofoten islands. Unfortunately we only had one night so we stayed in the most touristic area, which was a huge shame after the beautiful isolation of Langsanden. Nonetheless, we made the most of it, eating whale (which was NOT nicely prepared!), going for a long walk, and enjoying ourselves. 

It was then time to go back to the mainland for one more night in a lovely hotel, a welcome rest after all the camping (I am not, generally, a camper), and home again home again to Copenhagen. I was left with such a positive impression of Northern Norway. The people we met were so kind, welcoming, and ready to chat to us. The landscape was breathtaking, the weather incredibly pleasant, and the efficiency and ease with which we travelled around really impressed me. For sure, my heart has been stolen by this part of the world, and I can't wait to return :)

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