Saturday, 11 October 2014

the beginning of the beginning

This week, my PhD 'began' so to speak. More meetings, discussion groups, a whole day of intense classes about health and populations, and my very first supervisory meeting. Suffice to say it was overwhelming, completely and utterly, and I came away from it feeling like I had such a huge mountain to climb. 

Luckily I then went straight to the library, made a Word document of everything we discussed, printed a lot of papers, loaned a lot of books, and Leo made me the most incredible 'goals' Excel sheet because he is eternally my saviour. So I left the library feeling a lot more together.

It's good to have goals to work towards.

I've been pretty busy, with meetings, workshops, training, and copious amounts of time spent trying to locate journal articles, printing, and the ubiquitous signs of beginning life someplace new. I'm so glad that I have my bank, social security number and phone number taken care of from when I lived in the UK before, because those are things I don't greatly enjoy taking care of.

On Thursday night we had a 'formal' dinner for all the postgraduates of my college. It was a very nice occasion, the guys mostly wore black tie which was quite hilarious. It's such a change, everything is so effortless, casual, laidback and so so understated in CPH, whereas here dressing for dinner, for example, is a must. Here, it's the exact opposite, but at least my college is the most laid back in that sense, they're quite accepting and easy-going in relative terms.

Today I'm off to buy a USB stick with 64GB memory (backups are a must), and go see a movie called Still the Enemy Within about the miners' strike up north where I am now. I'm pretty excited.

Oh oh oh, and I am now a member of the Ceili Band here at the University! I have a million tunes to learn but I'm pretty chuffed! Coming soon to a ceili dance near you, a flute no one can really hear!

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