Friday, 26 September 2014

Last Day in Denmark (for now)

Tomorrow I fly to London and get a train up to Durham. After that, I'll begin my three year add-on of student life. I honestly never thought I'd be going back (at this point, anyway), but I'm fairly chuffed to be doing so. Naturally it's a little bittersweet, the north of England is a remote place, and my partner in crime must stay in Denmark where he is infiltrating the banking system to learn all their secrets. But we'll work it out, and at least flights to Dublin cost a pittance, so I can go see my family and friends at the drop of a hat!

Here's what's been going on for the past while. Mushroom hunting, pumpkin enjoying, home-working, Fargo series watching, soap making, lemon loaf baking, and cycling around the city soaking up every last essence of autumn goodness. When I come back it will be winter, and who knows what snowy horrors will await? Not pictured: the visual representation of hours spent working through Gilmore Girls, eating Urtekram pizzas (if it's organic it's not junk food) and packing up just enough of my life that I'm not without crucial components of it in Durham, but not so much that this place doesn't feel like me any more.

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