Wednesday, 10 September 2014

home again home again

After a very long and hectic 2.5 weeks we're finally home. As soon as we got to the apartment I immediately unpacked everything, sorted dirty washing and put on a wash, put away everything else, went food shopping and made dinner. And I mean literally straight away. No time like the present to whip yourself back into shape. I really love home comforts. While holidays and meals out are amazing, there's nothing better to me than making my own bed with fresh sheets, filling the fridge with essentials, and getting back into home life. Domesticity is my everything. 

While Leo has gone out to a meeting (8pm on a Wednesday?! Oh, but it's for something special, trust me) I have snuggled up on the couch with a cup of breakfast tea (fiiiiinally!) some delicious 70% cocoa chocolate, and I am now going to binge-watch the Pretty Little Liars episodes I missed. Life is, in oh so many ways, absolutely wonderful. I have lit a candle and am enjoying that briefest of moments at the beginning of Autumn, when everything is so very slowly getting ready to change. It feels, to me, like the gods of weather are inhaling one huge breath before they blow a gust of wind and everything comes twirling to the ground. It's a great snapshot in time.

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