Monday, 18 August 2014

the most relaxing sunday

I haven't had an at-home, total relax, normal person Sunday in a very long time. I would say a few months. I've either been working, had guests, or been on trips. I know, woe is me with my burgeoning social life, but sometimes all you want is one of those rainy, lazy Sundays where you bake, eat nice food, and watch endless reruns of Grand Designs. Yesterday, the change in seasons was clear. It didn't stop raining and blustering all day long. I started the morning by baking bread and a chocolate cake, as you do, while listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.

In the afternoon, after some unfortunate studying and note-taking and delicious lunching, we settled down for a serious Grand Designs marathon. We have a projector, which makes the experience of watching tv a million times cooler, like having a mini cinema in your living room. Add to that some serious hygelligt couch and duvet action and endless cups of tea, and you have one cosy Sunday right there, my friend. I had to take a break after about episode 3, and started doing some clearing out. I did a trial run of packing my clothes to move to the UK, and in the process filled a black bag with things I don't use or need. I can't wait to fill at least one more and bring it to a charity shop. Downsizing always feels good. 

2 more episodes of Grand Designs, some snacking on leftovers from the fridge and cupboard (it also feels good to empty endless jars of lentils and cans of things that sit in cupboards for too long!), some nice Weisbier and a bit of chatting about the future, and it was the end to a very successful, relaxing Sunday, ready for the week ahead! I can't say this week will be a bustling hive of activity, I plan on studying, hoping to secure accommodation for when I move country all too soon, and sell some items. Oh, and pack for our 3 week long trip to Croatia. The stress of life, eh ;)

This was our favourite, a Japanese-inspired home for a Japanese lady and her husband in Wales clad in Japanese larch and Scandinavian spruce

Their outdoor hot tub with the man himself

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