Monday, 4 August 2014


Working on a weekend is not something I enjoy. Working in sweltering heat in a non-breathable outfit that literally renders you invisible to those around you (hashtag housekeeping) is something I enjoy even less.

 This is what my Sunday looked like. Are you depressed yet?
Caramel frogurt as I waited for a delayed metro

Not one to wallow, I induled myself in some frogurt, and then bought two pastries and a packet of crisps, because if ever there's an excuse for junk food, it's after working on a Sunday and the train home is delayed.

When I got home we went for a swim in the sea. We are so lucky to live right beside Kastrup harbour, with the ├śresund Bron right there in front of us. As a Bron | Broen afficionado, you better believe I am loving that fact. 

The water was so beautiful. Leo assures me it was perfectly warm, but I held back. Just jumping into large bodies of water is not something I am comfortable with. After a full 10 minutes of humming and hawing, I just did it. Completely worth it. There were some nudist enthusiasts bathing nearby. I am going to miss this free-spiritedness. It seems so silly, the rules we force ourselves to conform to. 

After the swim I felt completely invigorated and refreshed. We watched Milk (having read up on Harvey Milk lately it seemed like a must) and then spent the night looking out at the thunder storm lighting up the sky. And it hasn't stopped raining since. Since it's my day off, I really don't mind. 

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