Wednesday, 30 July 2014

rainin' in my heart

It is raining actually, but I am in fact overjoyed by this because it has been unceasingly humid and roasting for a few weeks now. I exist most peacefully in a temperate climate with occasional showers, so this is completely to my liking. I mean, I bought the magenta rain coat and elk-adorned rain boots for a reason, you know? I just want it to be overcast and chilly all the time, then I don't have to obsess over SPF and hats.
  • Lately I've been compiling print-outs and books to read on holiday next month (all academic, the serious life starts here). I'm in my second last week of work, I cannot wait to just sit at home doing research every single day for 3 weeks and then go to Croatia. 
  • I've been experimenting with my own deodorant, that I made out of alcohol, lemon juice and essential oils (lavender and tea tree, my favourites). I'm an immense emotional sweater, so I live in hope that I can ditch the anti-persp forever.
  • I have a secret guilty pleasure, and that is to patiently wait for each new episode of Pretty Little Liars to come online, and devour it greedily when Leo isn't home. 
  • I'm moving to Durham at the end of September. Holy cow, I'm moving to the north of England in basically one month. 
  •  I am trying to ensure that the 19,600 pictures I have gathered over the past 5/6 years remain safe somewhere, preferably online as well as in hard drive form. This is no mean feat. 
  • I came across this wonderful article on a 90 year old sex guru in India on the BBC. I believe in sex education (so much so that I wrote my Masters dissertation on the topic) and this man's work makes me very happy indeed.

"Sex is a joyful thing," says Watsa, "but a number of writers tend to become rather medical and serious." Rather than taking the scientific or moral high ground, he prefers to put the reader at ease with a witty one-liner. As a columnist for the past 50 years, Watsa has been privy to the deepest, darkest sexual fears of his countrymen and women. His replies are short, sharp and to the point - occasionally bruising, often hilarious. But whether he chastises or reassures, with every shared reply he educates his readers. "I'm talking their language, they accept it better," he says. "The man talking to you is one of you."
  • Last week there was a guest at the hotel who literally took his little pet hamster with him, his cage including a little home made hamster home. I melted.

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