Friday, 18 July 2014

it's good to be home from time to time

I had 5 whole days in Ireland, just the right amount of time, although as soon as I start to settle in to Ireland's charming and often frank ways it's time to move on again, and I'm left feeling a bit deflated and sad. I love my home so much, and look forward with immense excitement to returning permanently (maybe?!) in about 3 years time. In the meantime, these little visits will have to suffice. 

My trip was a healthy mix of family time, making up elaborate games about Star Wars and Ninja Squirrels (not my idea) with my nephew, sleep overs with friends, cake eating, and lots and lots of chatting. It was perfect. And the delicious weather only made things sweeter. I just wish I could have frozen time and kept it going for ever.

A little nighttime football. I learned to do a header!!

All my childhood/teen diaries

Henrietta Street, a famous row of old tenements, mention in Joyce's Dubliner's (which I just finished reading!)

A long walk from town to Stonybatter for cake, and a stroll around the surrounding areas led to some classic Dublin sights, like these rows of ex-council houses. The north side of the city will forever be my favourite. 

I love reliving old experiences when I'm home; a trip on the DART, meeting my childhood and school friends, going to my favourite spots like Bewleys, but I also love discovering new things, new coffee shops that are fantastic, driving around town which is completely new to me, all the experiences, smells, memories, tastes and sights mingle in my brain and leave me feeling a bit sad as I walk through the familiar sights of Dublin Airport (although a lot has changed there since the 90s and seeing my dad off on long business trips, or going for a nighttime drive to see the Christmas lights).

I long for the day when I call Dublin, or Meath, or Cork, or wherever I end up, my home. To be among familiar faces, banter on buses, fall into familiar slang, all the things that feel so natural that I left behind for so long. I'm basically ready to go back. I just have some things to take care of first :) Namely, the small business of a PhD must be attended to. But really, a mere bagatelle.

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