Thursday, 12 June 2014

sunday roadtrip to møns klint

Last week we went on a small roadtrip to Møns Klint, or Møns chalk cliffs which are on the island of Møns in South Sjaelland. Leo is a member of a rental company called Let's Go so we rented a little red VW UP (the best, tiniest, most agile car I've ever driven!) and made our way south on the motorway.

I was a little disappointed once we got there. An ugly money-spinning tourist centre marred the landscape, selling tacky gift shop items and expensive canteen food. I understand local job creation is a necessity and from that point of view the centre's creation is a no-brainer, but to my mind it reaked of an Office of Public Works-style operation, and if there's one thing Ireland does well, it's tacky tourist centres. 

That being said, we made the most of it, and the views from the cliffs were absolutely spectacular. Clear blue waters, chalky whiteness, steep drops. It was definitely worth the drive, and the island itself is beautiful, as we discovered afterwards.

I warn you, there are a lot of pictures coming up!

Don't Look Down!

Leo and I have no nice pictures together. Probably because this is infinitely more fun.

A Sizeable Chunk of Flint

Just noticed the amazing fingerprint. God damn.

Also spotted after the beach was a beautiful old house and gardens, and a nice høj. Leo loves højs.

All in all, it's safe to say a good day was had by all.

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