Friday, 27 June 2014


In Denmark they celebrate Midsummer (St. John's Day) on the 23rd, 2 days after the Irish (pagan) solstice. We really wanted to make a go of the 21st, we even booked a camping spot in Sweden, but then a lot of rain happened, and we figured it wouldn't be a good experience. 

Sunset on the 21st

I want to really make a go of the solstice. When you're not Christian anymore, Christian holidays don't have the same weight. I want a holiday full of meaning and hope. Even though we didn't get to go out and celebrate it, we watched the sun set (what there was of it), and I insisted we write our hopes for the coming year and keep them in a jar. We will look at them next year and compare the then and now. Here is the jar as proof.

On the 23rd we went out to the local beach and watched how the Danes do Midsommer. There were bonfires, barbeques and lots of families and friends celebrating together. It was nice. 

We went home then and Leo watched the World Cup, I had some Barry's tea.

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