Friday, 27 June 2014


A few weeks ago we took an evening cycle over to Dragør in the sweltering heat. Don't let Copenhageners tell you that the weather here is bad. They're lying. The best thing about trips to Dragør is that you have to pass by the airfield to get there, so we always stop and look at the giant planes taking off and landing right beside us and over our heads. I can never get over the sheer madness of it all. 

Dragør is an unbelievably sweet town. Here's a post I did about it before.  This time we climbed to the top of an old fort, looked down at the sea, and got ice cream. It was pretty swell. Danish flags everywhere. All the time. It's odd and non-threateningly hyggeligt at the same time.

Look at the grass growing on the roof!

The fresh lavender was really amazing. I had never seen such fragrant, darkly coloured lavender growing before (Ireland's climate doesn't really allow for it). The oil that was seeping out was too much to handle. Lavender is my favourite oil of all.

If someone could make the above images into a .gif I'd be really happy.

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