Monday, 12 May 2014

new start

I am pretty excited, I have finally gotten myself a little job, which means I can continue with my life as normal, while working part-time and earning some money. It's only a start, but one I am very grateful for.

My final Airbnb guests for a couple of weeks left this morning, so I have been cleaning the whole apartment to make it like new, ironing shirts, and drinking coffee with cream and milk (half and half does not exist in Europe, although it should, so this is the best I can do). 

I have to go do a Danish test later, so I have to spend the afternoon studying the past tense and vocabulary about liking/not liking various foods. Riveting.

Did you know, they've uncovered some new evidence which suggests that Stonehenge was built by an ancient people who inhabited the area. 

Here's the cutest ad campaign to highlight pickpocketing in Copenhagen (don't really see the need for this, especially the Danish language version, I'm fairly sure only the most obvious of tourists get pick pocketed). And a tiny clothes peg!


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