Saturday, 3 May 2014

Making Leftovers Delicious

I'm an incredibly thrifty person (no, really, you have no idea) and always stretch my ingredients to the very nth. Last week I got a delicious big tuna steak (about 200g) from a fish stall in Christianshavn. After getting a delicious meal out of it, we carefully wrapped the remains in tinfoil and stored them in the fridge. The steak cost 105kr (ouch, hi Denmark) but by the time we got all we could out of it, it had cost only a couple of kr per portion, much better.

The next day I didn't feel like cooking very much, so I got a bag of spinach and cooked noodles and pan-friend garlic and onions. I also wilted some spinach and made a stock quickly using a stock cube (no freezer means no stock stashing opportunities), added the tuna and garlic/onion to the pot and used a lot of seasonings, including liberal amounts of salt, pepper, a mixed seasoning from Leo's mom (cayenne pepper, oregano, and other things, sesame oil (the taste is delicious) and chilli and paprika. We also added a lot of seaweed flakes (I had wanted a miso soup originally, but settled for this addition instead to add some umami taste). It also looks like there is carrot in there, but I honestly have no memory of having carrots in my house that week, so I've no idea what it is! Mystery ingredient.

I actually ended up making so much of this broth that I had to throw out one portion, because, after not eating at home for a few days, I was afraid the tuna hadn't kept. But we got 5 portions out of it! For the 5th portion I just watered it down and boiled it up again, adding more sesame oil for tasting. Just as good for lunch the next day.

It took less than half an hour to make, and most of that was just boiling and waiting time. Delicious and filling.


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