Tuesday, 6 May 2014

busy busy busy!

I've been 'job seeking' in Denmark for a while now, and it's funny how, while being technically unemployed, you can still be overwhelmed with work, tasks, classes etc. I'm one that likes to keep busy, for sure, but seriously, I don't know where all the tasks keep coming from!

I'm using Airbnb a lot lately, and that is keeping me incredibly busy. All the back and forth emails, room preparation, talking to guests etc. takes a lot of time. It's very satisfying to have a small independent source of income, and I also LOVE being a great host, but man is it ever a job and a half.

On the plus side, my female guests just disposed of the coffee grounds down the toilet and polished up the pot like I do afterwards. Sometimes innate female capacities for knowing the considerate thing to do make me so happy.

What with interview preparation, job hunting, bed sheet and towel washing (it. is. constant) 8km cycles to and from town, distractingly sunny days and the endless Danish homework, I have been oh so very busy.

I'm also beginning a dance class tonight, and will hopefully be teaching Leo how to sing. 

But, hey, this just came in the post, wrapped in a burlap sack:

Books about Food

I am so very happy now!


  1. ooh I have used AirBnB a few times traveling but don't know if I would actually become a host. how has it been going for you? :) would love to hear more!

  2. It's been going excellently! Guests were all very cool, it's an easy way to make extra money (going into a Paypal account for a holiday for us! and for little bits like headphones, books etc).

    We had a lot of guests over the last couple of weeks though and I have hosting burnout now. I've blocked all the unbooked dates for the next 2 months, then I'll start opening them up again.

    You have to be REEEEALLY chilled out for it to work, and I've reached my chill out quota for the summer actually. Little things like not being able to talk completely freely in the apartment, and a guest getting makeup on my nice white sheets, stuff like that. But it's a really cool way to make easy money, if you don't mind changing the bed a lot!