Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life's Not a Walk in the Park

Except for when you live in a city with such a huge amount of parks, like Copenhagen. Then, it's kind of unavoidable. On Sunday Leo headed off on the Metro into the city, and I cycled in after him.


Assistens Kirkegaard is not strictly a park, it's a graveyard, but it's the most beautiful graveyard I've ever been in. In summer we hang out there and take naps in the secluded grass. It's such a peaceful spot.

Shortly after, because it was such a gloomy and foggy day, we went to a great Turkish place in Frederiksberg and had falafel and chicken pittas and this sweet tea. It was absolutely delish.

I caught Leo doing this thing cats do when they're thinking. Amazing.

Then we went to hang out at Borgen, but sadly Birgite was at home with her kids.

Then we went home and made a root vegetable gratin. Copenhagen is my favourite.

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