Saturday, 1 March 2014

it's almost pancake tuesday

It's a long time since I called myself a Catholic (another story for another day), but Pancake Tuesday is one of the vestiges of my youth I'll be holding onto. Ireland in the 90s was a fairly simple place, and when we were kids it was a bottle of pre-made pancake mix from Super Valu and unholy quantities of sugar and lemon juice in this pre-Lenten ritual.

In school we'd make pancakes occasionally, and later on as a waitress in college, the chef would always make sure we got a feed of about 7 pancakes before our shift began. Simpler times. These days my tastes are a bit more refined, but for all intensive purposes Pancake Tuesday exists solely to make an absolute pig of oneself. We've invited a fellow Irish woman over for the festivities, and I'm drooling over Pinterest images in anticipation.


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