Friday, 28 March 2014


Two Saturdays ago we hosted our first Airbnb-ers, and wanting to give them space, we rented a car and got driving. Leo and I only recently got our licenses and a) haven't had much practise in a manual car before and b) had never ever driven on the right hand side of the road. (Note, as a foreigner in Denmark you get a fairly decent discount on car hire! We went with Sixt this time and the service was fantastic).

The first few hours were stressful for all involved. Practicing the night before, in the dark, and the rain, we were a little fearful for our lives, but Saturday was dry and sunny, and the roads aren't as scary in the light of day.

Leo drove us through the city, and then I took over and brought us out to the countryside. We stopped in Helsingør and he took over, passing through a few nice villages, and stopping to eat a junk food lunch in the form of toasties, hotdogs, chips and Coke. It felt just right for the day that was in it.

Gilleleje (reminds me of Galilee every time I say it) is at the northern tip of Sjaelland, the island Copenhagen is on. It is a quaint fishing village, and we actually witness a couple hop onto a recently returned boat and pick fish right out of the net to take home.

We stayed at an Airbnb ourselves, and after exploring the town retreated to the comfort of our apartment for a dinner of fettuccine and some True Detective on the laptop. I'd like to go back in the summer to eat seafood and spent time by the water, it was too cold this time round for more than a cursory glance.

On the way home we stopped at the tiny beach village of Ejby for sandwiches and even more True Detective in the car and made a pitstop  in Roskilde before taking the motorway home.

Ok, so I overdid it on the pictures in this post, but I just can't get enough of that Danish design. Yellow washed buildings are everything to me.

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