Friday, 28 March 2014


Dragør is a little seaside village a mere 12 kilometers from Copenhagen, but is an entirely different municipality, and so far from Copenhagen in terms of surroundings and atmosphere. It has a beautiful old town ('town' is a gross exaggeration, it's so tiny and quaint) with cobbled streets, and a marina that we like to sit at and discuss the merits of each boat.

We cycled there a few Sundays ago and spent a while getting to know the place. Spring was in the air but it was still definitely on the chilly side so coats were needed. That being said there was a queue out the door at the local ice cream parlour, and has been every time I've been there.  That must be some tasty ice cream.

 Did I mention that we had to go past the airport to get to Dragør? 
Amazing views of incoming and outgoing planes.

We rounded off the day with homemade meatballs and a movie. Idyllic Sunday: target achieved.

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