Friday, 7 February 2014

Where Am I Now?

Well, after months of being in-between places,  I can now safely say that I'm definitely in Denmark again. I think. Actually, I'm going back to Ireland tomorrow, but that's merely a short sojourn.

I arrived on Friday last week, and on Saturday Leo and I packed up everything, called a moving guy (who was a very cool person, it has to be said) and moved on over to Kastrup. Kastrup is decidedly less cool than Frederiksberg. If Frederiksberg is a hip and painfully stylish 20 something sibling, Kastrup is the older brother in his 40s that is a mechanic. Honestly, though, I love it. We're close to the Metro but you can still cycle into town if you want, we're beside a nice Marina and a beach, and it's quiet and colloquial here. Just what I want.

I've spent this morning trying to register a domain name, doing laundry, and painting the hall. That's not too shabby, is it? This evening I shall go to Magasin, the big department store at Kongens Nytorv, and fantasise about all the household items I would purchase if I was a secret millionaire. Nah, really we have to exchange some plates.

First time having tacos. They were disgusting. Bonus: made delicious salsa!
This is what the living room looks like when it's messy.

Beautiful Le Creuset baby is all mine.

'Not as good as Barry's'
Having snacks downstairs in Magasin makes me feel fancy/affluent.

Some market research for my Dad. Don't ask. He works in Eggs.
A plethora of milks

So there you have it, a collection of arbitrary images tenuously linked to my first full week back in Denmark. Next week I'll be back in Ireland for most of it, while I tie up loose ends. Then it's back for painting and maybe setting up a business or two. Oh, and attempting to learn to speak this blasted language.

Vi ses!

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