Monday, 17 February 2014

twenty five

This year basically everyone I went to school with is turning 25. This means a lot of cake and catching up. I've been so lucky to have a few months back at home to reconnect with a lot of my friends. I've been absent from their lives for 2+ years, and it begins to take its toll.

I went back to Ireland last weekend to tie up some loose ends, and because it was one of my closest friend's birthdays! I used my newly acquired skills to drive some of us to The Station House in Meath for a birthday dinner.

We had three courses, and afterwards the most spectacluar pina colada inspired birthday cake I have ever seen. Then, in true old lady style we retired to the birthday girl's house where we sat by the Aga, ate cake, drank (tea for me, wine for the others), and reminisced.

For me, there's nothing better than good food, friendship, a roaring fire, for which your friend took axe to wood to keep lit mere minutes before, and cups of tea. Nightclubs fill me with horror, and there's nothing that can be said in a loud pub that can't be said more eloquently over cake or tea somewhere cosy. It was basically perfect.


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