Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hvor mange sprog kan du tale?

I (re)began Danish lessons yesterday at the Studieskolen. I started way back when but stopped going because it seemed like a huge commitment if I wasn't sure I would be staying. Well, I'm a bit surer now so I have started back. This time it's 4 days a week, during the day, and so far so good. Everyone in my class seems lovely, and my teacher forbids the asking of inane or derailing questions, which is my favourite thing about him so far.

We'll see how it goes, anyway. The pace is supposed to be quite fast so I should be caught up with Leo in no time at all. If I hear the phrase 'hvor mange sprog kan du tale?' one more time though I might cry, because it's completely redundant. No one in the real world will ever ask you how many languages you speak, will they?

I'm off to cycle the 8km into town now, wish me luck, because it's raining :)

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  1. good luck! I was a studieskolen student too

  2. Thank you! I hope it keeps being as easy as it is now. Although, I think not ;)