Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Drivin' Drivin' Drivin'

I have something oh so very, very exciting to share; after two failed attempts, I have passed my driving test! I celebrated by driving, a lot. IN FACT I'M DRIVING RIGHT NOW. Ok, that's a lie, but I have been driving all over the place. I drove on my very own for the first time last night. Driving in the dark is kind of scary, but I like to jump in head first, so I just went for it. This morning it was -1 and frosty, but I also just went for it. I am going to make my friends spend some time this weekend teaching me how to park skilfully, and then my arsenal of driving skills will be complete.

At long long, long last I have accomplished what I set out for Ireland to achieve, so at the end of this month (the 31st exactly, in fact), I am heading back to Copenhagen. It just so happens that the very next day Leo and I are moving into a brand new shiny apartment. I'm so excited, I just can't even tell you.Ticking things off the list feels so good. Being able to drive anywhere on your own is one of the most liberating things I've ever experienced. I can't wait to rent a car and go to the countryside some day (I cycle everywhere, no need to own a car, but it's a priceless skill to have).

Now, to make the most of the next two weeks by driving as much as is humanely possible. I hope to go far and wide in this silly little car of my mom's.

*toot toot*

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