Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sick Sick Sick No No No

Every time I feel myself getting a cold I have this ritual which involved eating oranges* and drinking coffee, because I've decided caffeine fights colds. My aunt has got me started on these homeopathic salts you place under your tongue, and just for good measure I'm taking a paracetamol too. And so much water. I refuse to be reduced to a snivelling wreck, getting my germs on hand rails in buses. To be fair, though, beginning to eat meat again was the best thing I ever did for my immune system, and for that decision I am eternally grateful. To myself.

Cold, get outta heeeea.

This is the first meme I've ever posted anywhere! I hate me now!
*I have a confession, I don't entirely enjoy eating oranges. Too sour, too hard to get the meat-fruit from the fleshy layer.


  1. Gargle with salt water every night!

  2. I definitely do that, it's so good at disinfecting!