Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Sunday, December 1st. I had a fantastic weekend, I was surrounded by loved ones, food and cake, all of my favourite things. Let's recap my favourite moments, shall we:

  • Leo came to Ireland for my birthday on Friday night. It was so nice spending time together, only 29 days to go until we are permanently reunited! We've decided from now on to give a present rather than receiving on your birthday, so I gave Leo a big by Richard Sennett, an eminent sociologist.
  • I did a trial shift in a fancy-pants restaurant on Friday and then got a call offering me the job on Saturday. It's lunch time only, Christmas only, and luckily I'm an excellent waitress so it'll be easy peasy. I can't wait to make some $$$$$.
  • I got to experience the utter horror that is the Nitelink bus. For just €5 you can listen to horrible drunk and high men at the back of the bus relive their teenage years and roam the top deck begging strangers for skins.
  • I got to eat in some of my favourite places in Dublin; a bento in Ukiyo on Saturday, dinner in Yamamori on Saturday, the biggest portion of chips you have ever seen (and I mean EVER) from Leo Burdock's on Saturday night. I had brunch with my family on Sunday, and basically ate an entire loaf of bread while catching up with my aunt and uncle on Saturday morning. 
  • On Sunday, after a trip out to the airport (Dublin airport is magical at Christmas time, it's common knowledge) I went to Yamamori for a birthday dinner with three of my friends. The food was delish and the banter was great, I even enjoyed a virgin mojito, but by far the icing on the cake (pun) was when all the lights in the restaurant were dimmed and every single person clapped and sang Happy Birthday to me. I was fairly mortified, but it made me feel so special and loved. Yay, friendship!

I'm so excited to be 25, I can now rent cars in Europe, get cheaper car insurance should I need it, and am officially a quarter of a century old. Life is great, and I feel so lucky.
    The sheer novelty of chopsticks

    I met Santy chilling in Dublin Airport


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Also, we're birthday twins! :) And your cat cake looks amazing!

  2. Well in that case a very happy belated birthday to you too! It is rather amazing, isn't it. I have some really great friends.