Saturday, 28 December 2013

All the World is Still

What happens when Christmas Day has come and gone? We find ourselves wading through all the used wrapping paper, glitter, empty Selection Box packaging. What happens in those in-between days, when Christmas proper is a fast fading memory, but, with New Years Eve still to come, everyone is reluctant to tidy up, put away the Christmas jumpers and start a healthier diet. 

I found myself walking through the city centre of Dublin early in the afternoon a couple of days after Christmas. The streets were deserted, as if no one wanted to believe it was true that Santa had really come and gone for one more year.

I call this series of pictures 'A Study: What Is Left Behind When Christmas Disappears'.

After my festive mourning I wandered into KC Peaches on Nassau St for what was a slightly expensive but delicious breakfast. The coffee was excellent. And look at the milk bottles! What a sweet touch.

Happy End of Christmas, Misanthropes!

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