Friday, 1 November 2013

Our Carpentry Projects: The Final Post

I realise, going through my hard drive on this fine rainy morning, that I never put up a final post about our carpentry projects.

My classmate Nicolaj took some lovely pictures of our final day, right before we smashed everything up (it was really good fun).

We found out on that last day, as we were sitting around on the picnic benches we made ourselves having breakfast, that ours would be the last CDC Basic course run at the school.

At first we were shocked that they were cancelling the programme, then a little angry when we found out the reasons behind it.

Bureaucracy can ruin a lot of things, and sadly it means that no more non-Danes will get to experience a basic Danish carpentry education the way we did. It's a shame, but at least we had such a good experience, and left the course with some valuable skills and experiences.

This was my project!

Any questions about the projects or about the course, just ask!

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