Monday, 11 November 2013

My experience with InterNations Copenhagen

The prospect of moving to a new city can feel like opening Pandora's box. Not only are there practical issues to take of, relating to employment, visas, medical care and accommodation, but all the social elements too.
Meeting new people, putting yourself out there and making lasting friendships can turn your expat experience into something incredible.

The InterNations organisation is active in almost 400 countries worldwide, and basic membership is free. After you sign up you get access to forums, helpful emails full of advice, and can get in touch with expats in your new city right away. Networking for business, finding a meet up with expats from your home country, a dance class or a night out suddently got a whole lot easier, making those initial weeks exciting rather than daunting.

I joined InterNations when I was thinking about moving to Copenhagen, and networked, read the forums, blog articles and emailed contacts. It was amazing having all that first hand information at hand, from a reliable and professional source. I found out about which areas are good to live in and what to expect of the Danish lifestyle through the site.

Some helpful links for navigating your way around the InterNations site:

 Happy Expating :)

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