Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Good Stuff Bad Stuff

I am compiling a list of the positive and negative from the last three days, and in the spirit of channeling my inner Pollyanna (what I will have to name my girl-child now that the name Lyra has been stolen by a buddy of mine already) I am going to gloss over the negative and try to make the most of the positive. Through gritted teeth. It's been a really bad day.

Bad Stuff:

  • I left my mobile on my Aer Lingus flight and haven't gotten it back. I'm presuming it's lost in a between the seat dealie or someone stole it and I don't expect to get it back.
  • I spent 1.5 hours on a bus from Terenure to Dublin Airport yesterday in order to be told by a snarky airline rep that it wasn't their problem. Eh, yeah, duh, I know that, but you should exercise good customer service anyway and apologise cos it's a shit thing to lose your phone.
  •  I'm meant to be in Poland right now but decided to fore-go the trip in place of lots of driving lessons.
  • I had the worst driving lesson of my career today. I almost went through a red light on a busy road. In the words of The Pixies, where was my mind?

Good Stuff:

  • An attempt to plan the art activities programme at the charity I work at turned into an impromptu card making session with some residents. It was amazing, they were a joy. 
  • I had to wait an hour for bus from the airport to take me home so I got McDonalds, and it was actually the most comforting thing imaginable. I never ever do that, but some days just call for fat, sugar and carbohydrate laden junk.
  • I now get to purchase a shiny new mobile, with a better operating system and hopefully a better camera. 
  • There are more driving lessons, and 9 days until my test. The night is always darkest before the morn. We shall prevail.
  • Ryanair flights to Poland are incredibly cheap, and one day soon I'll be able to go to Krakow and visit Justyna and do all the fun things we were meant to do this time. 

 Now, people of the internet, you'll have to excuse me as I am drinking coffee and researching mobile telephone devices. Ciao!

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