Friday, 1 November 2013

Back Again

Here I am, back in Copenhagen.

Sometimes I think Aer Lingus should pay me to fly with them, I seem to be doing it so much these days.

Yesterday was a lovely day, despite the rain. I walked around town with my buddy Richie, I had lunch in Bewleys, and whizzed through airport security as  I usually do. They keep stopping me on account of my craft scissors though, and they keep letting me take it anyway. Never give up.

I got this bag of lavender for only €2.50 and in a few minutes I'm going to make a bar of soap with it and some essential oil.

Got 60 pages of this read on the way over. After a stuffy introductory chapter (faux-cademia eally grates on me, call it years of dealing with academia) it got really interesting.  My peanut butter kit kat and I had a really great time.


Back to my homemade bunting and fancy boden coffee pot. Life is fantastic.

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