Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Colour, Colour, Everywhere!

Autumn is really in full swing now. In other countries the local councils might remove the leaves that clog the gutters of housing estates and streets, but not so in Ireland. I'm grateful for it, though, because I love the burst of colour everywhere.

The last few weeks I've been occupied with the continuing saga of Learning To Drive. I must admit, every lesson is a vast improvement. I have a test date now, so I'm working towards that and praying to the gods that I'm fortunate enough to pass, I have quite a few travel plans which involve the middle of nowhere, and a car is always handy for such instances.

It's almost Halloween, and I've been making the most of the spooky season. There have been several movie nights, complete with popcorn, treats, and, in one case, Indian takeaway. After movie watching comes the ubiquitous dissection of the movie, and the reading of Wiki articles relating to them. Nothing like scaring yourself into not wanting to go to sleep, a strange quirk of our species.

On the weekend my friends and I had an old fashioned sleepover and we carved pumpkins (I saved the seeds and roasted them!), ate pizza, and gossiped.

I've also been making the most of the last few bits from the garden. I stewed a couple of different batches of apples with cinammon and I've been eating them with natural yoghurt. Unbeatable. When I have kids they're going to eat nothing but.

Here's an amalgamation of loosely connected images relevant to my life over the past few weeks. Excuse the grainy quality, I just have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and my camera skills are thoroughly inferior to Leo's. 


The weather has been absolutely dire the last few days. Torrential rain and strong winds mean I haven't been able to jog or cycle every day. I've been going out when there's a break in the rain, but boy, is it annoying.

I took that time to actually repaint my room. My childhood bedroom had not had a fresh coat of paint since I was about 14, and at least a month ago I ripped it apart and began the process, but never seemed to be able to motivate myself to finish it.

On Thursday I am heading to Copenhagen for a few days. Let's hope that I get my room finished before then.

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