Monday, 2 September 2013

First Breakfast

Well this is it, we are students no more; we have moved out of our dorm room and into an aparment in Frederiskburg (great location, great apartment). Grown ups now, I guess. Leo started a new job at a fancy-pants bank today, and I'm hanging around, unpacking and feeling a bit listless because tomorrow I go back to Ireland to learn to drive.

I'm 24, and haven't had more than 4 lessons. I've set myself a project for this year to get my license, and hopefully the less amount of time it takes, the better. Then it'll be back here for a while, work, try to make some money, and then I have some really sweet travel and study plans.

But for now, I'm sitting here amidst boxes and suitcases, eating on proper crockery and feeling both content and sad.

For those interested, I am having banana (fruit is better sliced up), pain au chocolat, and the most amazing type of breakfast food that exists, apple pureƩ heated up with cinammon, and (organic is better) natural yoghurt poured on. When I have kids I will feed them nothing but this. It's magical stuff, and beyond healthy too.

I also whipped out the big Bodum pot and am attempting to caffeinate myself into being excited. Pity it's blustery and grey outside.

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