Monday, 9 September 2013

Coffee Infographic, Anyone?


This infographic tells you all the very fancy ways to brew coffee and the type of end result you might get.

For me, however, filter paper, boiling water and patience is all I've ever needed.

Here's a short anecdote I have about coffee. When I was approximately four, at least before I had started primary school, so I must have been four, every second Wednesday my mom would take me to the Country Store where we would pick up whatever she needed, and the Animals of Farthing Wood magazine for me.

I would then have Waffles crisps for lunch with a cup of instant coffee, plenty of milk, and read my magazine. This was my earliest experience of drinking coffee, and if you're shaking your head in disbelief at the recklessness of my mother for giving caffeine to basically a toddler, look around you and I defy you to not spot at least three small children guzzling either soft drinks or sugary sweets.

A little spoon of freeze dried coffee never did anyone any harm. In fact, it probably aided me in becoming the excellent human being I am today.

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