Monday, 23 September 2013

A Stupenduous Weekend

This weekend I am in Copenhagen (well, it's Monday and I'm still here, but think of it as an extended weekend). The 20th marked three years to the day since Leo and I met, and since we never officially started 'going out' I decided we may as well celebrate this date, as there is no more meaningful alternative.

Three years is an awfully long time to know someone, and not only that, but to be consistently overjoyed by that persons' presence in your life.

Enough of my babble. This weekend, was filled with deliciousness of all kinds, a trip to IKEA and to Sweden itself, cycling, saunas in the sea, cakes, a lot of coffee, and a lot of contentment. Hygge abounded. Det var meget hyggeligt, one might say!

I shall let a picture say 1000 words instead of meandering on. P.s. there are no pictures of the delish cakes we had in IKEA because they are on Leo's phone, and he is in work:

No Ballons No Fun

This guy's house fell over because he had a party and had too many people on it. Absolutely mental! The guy in the kiosk beside it said they had to rush in and rescue a lady trapped in the toilets because she couldn't move and had only a little bit of airspace left. Omgeh!



Sauna in the Sea

This Sauna in the Sea is the greatest experience, it's my second time being there and it's so relaxing. You just feel reinvigorated afterwards. There are gender segregated changing and bathing areas and communal and segregated saunas. The only problem with the communal sauna is that the aged men that frequent it stare far more than is necessary. If I wasn't with my boyfriend, I wouldn't go in there. I think the gender separation is ridiculous. Grown ups are more than able to handle the nakedness of the opposite sex, it won't cause strokes or heart attacks.

We had both a dinner and breakfast buffet included in the price in our hotel, and let me tell you, they put on quite a spread. In typical thrifty fashion I brought enough breakfast foods with me from the buffet for lunch. Oh how I over-ate.

Leo forced me to watch the gaelic football final in a dingy Irish pub in Malmo, and I did not enjoy it. Dublin won, Mayo lost, but as far as I'm concerned in the petty sport of football, there are no winners.

Now I'm back in Copenhagen, having done some gift shopping in Tiger etc. and now it's off to the airport to head back to my beloved (or not) Eire.

Until next time, Danmark.

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