Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Last Day in Ireland

I've been back in Denmark for about three days now, the time, on the one hand, just flew by, but on the other hand I packed in so much, had such a lovely time with my friends and family, and most importantly, got some great thinkin' done.

I'm at a mini cross roads in my life. One year on from graduation, one relocation, lots of stalling and, unfortunately, lots of waitressing. It's been a varied and exciting year, but I do think it's time to make a stab at a 'career' of sorts or at least find a job that is fulfilling. I need to learn to drive, and I have some travel/volunteering plans for the middle of next year.

But not to get too hot and heavy on y'all, here's some pictures that sum up my trip to Ireland nicely.

P.S. if anyone knows of any social policy/public policy/NGO jobs going in London, Dublin or Copenhagen, it'd be aces if you could let me know.

Unruly cats always sabotaging my meals

Same ceiling since I painted it age 15

This portrait is entitled 'Sleepy Cats-A Study In Motion or Lack Thereof'


Look at the creep in the background

Cinammon delights

My friend Richie's dogs-actually harmless as little kittens

Decadent airport treats


E'er morning
I am so absolutely serious, about the job thing, by the way. I'm a very organised person and would add value to your company/charity.

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