Monday, 29 July 2013

The Beach in Beautiful Weather

My friend has decided Donabate is her favourite beach in Dublin, and while Killiney and Portmarnock still hold my favour, I of course am more than happy to go on ice-cream and sun block saturated trips there, as we did several times over the summer.

The first was a dusk trip, after work for both my friends, but not for me, because of course I haven't worked in three weeks and lounge most days. The second, a venture into the water to swim on a hot Saturday afternoon with three small children in tow.

Ireland in the sun, there's nothing like it.

The waves here aren't nearly as wild as they are on the west coast (the Atlantic is the greatest) but I still had a blast splashing about on that rare occasion when the water is not icy. I miss it already.

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