Friday, 26 July 2013

Still Here!

It's so frustratrating having no access to the internet, I've taken on a new lease of life in regards applying for courses, work and more qualifications that will one day enable me to have a successful job where I earn money. I've found a few courses that look exactly what I want (I'll stay mum for now), which don't start until Autumn 2013 unfortunately, but that gives me a lot of time to earn money and get my head in order, right?

I went for a 4k job yesterday, which may not sound like a lot, but I don't have a high level of cardiovascular fitness (I can cycle for days, but that doesn't mean I am 'fit'), but for me to be able to finish it feeling good, not giving in half way through with a pain in my throat, but actually sprinting the last 1/2k back to my house, was an amazing achievement. I'm really happy with my progress, and can't wait to get back to it today. My legs are aching, obviously, but it's worth it.

I'm waiting with baited breath for my provisional license so I can get on with fiiiiinally learning to drive. What a long road it has been. No pun intended. I just want to get on with it because I have a lot of plans for next year, and they mainly involve farms, Iceland, and being able to drive. 

I've gotten back into cross-stitching, and that is all I shall say on that for now.

Have a good weekend!

p.s. my cats are starting to scare me with the amount of attention they're giving me. I keep waking up to soundless kitties staring at me in the dark, or sleepy purring things on my pillow. It's endearing, but I'm keeping alert.

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