Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ireland, At Last

I haven't been posting at all recently because I've been in Ireland, and since my dad had a hilarious run in with the phone company about three years ago we have had neither phone line nor internet connection at home. So it goes. I've enjoyed the welcome break from internetting, and have been spending so much time outdoors because, it seems, the first pleasant summer in Irish history occurs the year I'm here for it.

I've been on so many trips already; The Burren and Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, Sligo to my mom's family home, The Hill of Tara, Dowth and Newgrane, The Boyne Valley. I'll write about all of my trips in individual posts, because I think it's nicer that way

So, like I said, the weather has been beautiful, and I've really surprised myself to see that my arms and feet are no longer pinky, but yellow. It's not quite a tan, but it's the best I've done in my entire life to date. I've been wearing a sunhat constantly, so I've been protecting my head and neck while letting my legs and arms get a little bit of sun, something I've never done before.

I spent the first few days settling back in. Actually, I went on a road trip the morning after I got home, but spent the days upon my return getting reacquainted with my cats, and my room. I have started the arduous task of sorting through all our family photos, and intend to go to my aunt's to help with scanning all the projector slides from their childhood in Africa to a digital format.

I've been spending at least an hour every morning sitting at the table in the back garden, with Leo until he left this morning, eating breakfast, drinking tea, warding off the cats from eating our food, and relaxing. Leo came to my house for the first time, so it was an excuse to go on trips around the Boyne Valley, adventure in the fields behind my house (we live a mile away from Fairyhouse, where the Irish Grand National is held), and cycle around my area, pointing out all the significant spots from my childhood. It's been surreal, to say the least.

He pointed out the Ash trees on my roads that are showing signs of the fungus that will eventually wipe them all out. It's terribly sad, but that's nature. We've been on a few nighttime and early morning cycles, this morning's 4am cycle probably holds the record though. We cycle to Ratoath so Leo could get the bus to the airport (Italy is calling), and then I cycled home alone, taking in the smells and sounds of pre-sunrise.

The fields full of barley, wheat and rapeseed and the little country lanes used to represent to me being stuck in one place in time and not being able to move; as a kid I wanted nothing more than to live near people my age. But with time and distance I've come to appreciate my area for its' beauty, the good farmland, the houses; cosy, massive or architecturally impressive, the dogs that run at your heels as you cycle by, the manicured gardens and the horses in fields. I love it all.




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