Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Enniscrone, County Sligo

My mother's home is in county Sligo, in the countryside near the seaside town of Enniscrone. She grew up on a farm, and her father was also the local undertaker (how cool is that!). She now owns the family home and a bit of land around it, and I joined her for a visit there. Leo is also from Sligo, but the other end of the county, and it was his first real venture into Enniscrone, which, he argues, is basically Mayo.

We came across a mother and foal on a walk to Pullaheeny Harbour. I spent ages trying to get them to ear from my hand. Foals have the best legs, so unsteady and spindly.

Pulaheeny Harbour is an actively used harbour and stoney beach near Rathlee in Sligo. It's about two miles from our house. 

We saw some trawlers out fishing, and came upon a thoroughly unpleasant discovery of abandoned fish which had turned rancid in a disused vat. So awful.

 The tide was coming in, and we stayed for too long staring at the tiny pebbles get submerged under the water. The Atlantic is beautiful.

A relaxing time submerged in memories of my childhood. Sometimes it's nice to go home, even if it's to someone else's idea of home. See things how they see it.

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