Saturday, 15 June 2013


 Leo has been away all week, so I've been having a grand old time all on my lonesome. Actually, it's amazing doing exactly what I want, when I want. When you live in a tiny space there's a lot of compromise involved. I've been Skyping, texting, interneting, knitting, downloading, Pushing Daisies watching, flute playing, painting, listing, tidying, furniture re-arranging and friend-meeting all to my heart's content. And it has been sweet.

My teacher lent me his general (very thorough) introduction to woodwork text book to, ahem, skim through over the weekend. I also picked up knitting needles and this obnoxious pink wool to see if my hand-eye co-ordination has improved since I began carpentry. It has! Exponentially! So I'm going to buy a proper ball of wool tomorrow, and knit me a pair of socks or something simple. I can't believe I'm able to do this now, it's really incredible.

I'm counting down the days to summer holidays; no work (a sore subject at the moment), long days in Ireland walking through the fields, running in and out of the freezing Atlantic ocean, baking, seeing long-missed friends and playing with my cats. My eyes are welling up just thinking about how much I'm looking forward to it all.

Here's some things I've been reading up on this fine day:

-A great article about internet surveillance. Why the argument 'I have nothing to hide anyway' shouldn't be the end of the discussion.
-A number of articles about the Workfare initiative. Grossly unfair and exploitative, this is something I feel very strongly about, and if I lived in London still would not hesitate to get involved with. Read about personal experiences here and here and visit the Boycott Workfare website.
-An article about how supermarkets steal your data.
-And finally, for the fluff segment, a Twitter account that is, for once, actually funny, titled 'Very British Problems'. I'm not British, but I did spend a year and a half living among these incredibly self-inhibited individuals, so this is honestly the funniest thing I've read all week (it's been a slow week, mind). My favourites are 'The anxious bewilderment when clocking the stranger deciding to join the queue at your side rather than behind you' and 'Being incapable of entering a lift without whispering "sorry"'.

Have a great weekend, you're lovely and deserve it.

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