Sunday, 23 June 2013

The sun is still shining! Summer Solstice, museums and weekends

It's gone from long beautiful sunny day to long beautiful sunny days interspersed with torrential rainfall. I can't count on one hand the number of times I've unwittingly ventured out wearing just a tshirt and leggings in +20c just to arrive home half an hour later like a drowned rat. I'm so grateful for the last few weeks (months?!) of gorgeous weather, but part of me isn't ready for it to end yet. I'm spending all of July in Ireland, and that will be a surprise to the system, I'm pretty sure.

It's the Midsummer celebrations tonight so we're going to a local park to watch a bonfire and eat strawberries. It's rained a lot today, so let's hope it lets up until tomorrow. I love both the Winter and Summer Solstice. There's something magical about those times of the year, it's so unique. 

This weekend I wasn't working very much (actually, I did a two hour shift and that was it), so I've been switching off the 'worry, you need money' side of my brain and enjoying long cycles outside, trips to museums, free coffee and snacks at my friend's café, a trip to see Only God Forgives (oh God, so bloody, so violent), and thinking a lot, as usual, about the future.

Was very impressed by this coffee, was not impressed by the pretentious coffee snobbery of the baristas

OMG! Collection of Oddities at the Geological Museum

Stuff in jars e'er day

Best balcony

Cake Making the week before last

Sheer Concentration

A work of art

What's that? A section about Foucauldian theory in an art book? Ok, cool!

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