Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Taxing Matters

Claiming tax back, registering to be taxed, all that fun stuff that comes with leaving one country and moving to a next. It's such a pain. Luckily, the Danish system is so straight forward and I don't even have to fill in a form like I thought I would have to, just gave them a call. As it works out, I don't know if I'll stay here much longer after my course is finished, so the lady marked the form out accordingly, and chances are I won't have to pay any tax at all. How lovely.

HMRC, on the other hand, are never fun to deal with. Granted, I called the 'foreigner' number and didn't have to wait on the line for 10 minutes, but sadly the lady was able to tell me a letter has been sent to my Danish address because more information about my P45s is required. What information I don't know, because she couldn't tell me, and I haven't received the letter yet.

And so we wait. With my ever-decreasing bank balance, I know I am owed tax back, but who knows when I will get it. And I don't get paid in my new job until June, which feels like a lifetime away. Oi vey.

On the plus side, I made all my calls through Skype, and it cost literally a few pence. I could not be happier.

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