Sunday, 26 May 2013

Not Another Bank Holiday?

It seems like we haven't had a Monday to Friday straight run in about six weeks now. Every week there's something. Pentacost, May Day, Random Holiday That No One Understands But We Get A Day Off So Who get the gist.

Monday was yet another of those glorious days off, so we made the most of the sunshine, ate brunch at Paludan, my favourite café in Copenhagen (when you can get away from the loud international students ruining your breakfast with self indulgent nonsense, I left the English speaking world for a break from you, kids) , wandered around the Botanic Gardens of the Geological Museum (it was closed, sadly) and went into the Kunst museum. As usual, here's some pictures from my day.

The weirdest/coolest bike

This is the 5th largest meteorite found on earth! Just sitting in the grounds for anyone to touch!

I love the angle of the light, for some reason
I love the massive windows at the Kunst museum overlooking these gardens

I don't have the names of the artists of the above works, but safe to say I learned a little about Danish, Dutch and Belgian art from the 17th-ish century and I like it an infinite amount more than the Western European equivalents. Not that I know anything about art at all, really.

Bank Holidays are a-ok.

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