Friday, 26 April 2013

Feels Like Spring

The snow is a thing of the past, and we're enjoying (almost) constant pleasant days. Most of the time it's nice enough to cycle without a coat, and all the flowers that got crushed by the late snow storm we had in March are blooming. Sometimes it rains, but wouldn't we really have something to complain about if it never rained?

On sunny days, all these Danish families emerge from their tea light filled homes and walk the streets, strollers a-tow, soaking up the rare sunlight.

Buildings are lit in a different way, and everything looks quaint and tiny and beautiful. One thing is for sure, Copenhagen is a whole different world when the sun shines. I can't believe I wore wool tights and waterproof trousers for so long.

Here's a few pictures of us enjoying the nice weather over the last few weeks.

I made Leo get rid of this monstrosity

Spring Spring Spring!

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