Sunday, 14 April 2013

Falling Back in Love

I just wanted to share how chuffed I am to be back playing music with other human beings again. I grew up going to a Comhltas session every Friday night. As I became a teenager, when my friends started going 'out' on Friday nights, I instead kept going to the gaescoil (Irish school) where the nearest session was on. I would compete, with groups and solo, did some concerts, and of course got roped into an infiinte number of church and school related events.

Over the 4 years I was studying in Dublin I lost the time to play that much. I went to a few trad society meetings, but didn't really click with the group that frequented. There was never enough time to enjoy myself, going to a session might mean missing out on an evening's work, or staying out late might mean missing an early morning lecture. It was hard to fit playing with other people into the equation.

Over the last year I've been playing more than ever on my own. I've found my passion re-ignited, but I've also been sad that I've lost a lot of my repertoire. I can play the tunes off paper, but they're barely in my head anymore. Irish music is made to be played socially. It's essentially dance music, to my mind, and reels and slip jigs are your best bet to get the serotonin racing around. Save the airs and hornpipes for your sitting room.

I'm looking forward to the Friday night, and Sunday afternoon sessions if I can fit them in. I'm determined to enhance my repertoire, hone my technique, and get used to playing in groups again. I'm so happy to be playing music again.

Image from the website.
I don't play a keyed flute, I prefer the simpler version, for personal reasons.

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