Sunday, 3 March 2013

Some Pictures from Last Week

The frame for the screen printing press I am making
I (we) made a bench!

The first sunny day since we arrived

This bark had grown around the gate

The Swastika is one of Carlsberg's official logos, they just don't use it anymore for obvious reasons.
 Leo hugging a dubiously clothed elephant.
Wood outside a ridiculously expensive organised food co-operative

The story behind the McDonalds picture is that I became a militant vegetarian at the ago of 12. One whole decade later I turned back to meat, and now follow a diet which makes me very happy. In the past, I liked to cling to ideologies that defined me, or that inhibited me to really enjoy myself. It's taken literally 10 years, but I finally decided that at some point you have to stop being defined by ideological aboslutism. It's ok to eat a hamburger every once in a while. I had a Happy Meal, and I damn well enjoyed it. 

This was the single greatest cafe experience of my life.
I cannot wait to bring my lady friends here next weekend.

She was eating that ice like an ice pop!

Master of Snow

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